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Obviously achieving company’s goals requires a set of tasks. This step involves defining the required tasks. If a user has this access, she can see the “tasks” section in the menu. by using this access, the user can define or remove a task, determine the estimated duration and due date of the task, and the users who must perform that. She can also determine which project and category this task is related to. If the user has access to the definition of the project and the task category, defining new items is possible through this menu.

As you have learned in the “project” section, only the members of a project can be assigned to its tasks. So when you want to assign a task to the users, as shown in the figure below, a list of that project team will be shown.
When the users log in, they will be notified of the added tasks.

By using the tags field, you can see their information in the data charts separately. To add a new tag, just type your desired title in the relevant field, or click on the + button to choose among the existing tags.

In the top part of the tasks list, you will see below icons:

Use this icon to define a new task.

In this section, the user can assign a task to herself.

In this section, you can receive Excel output from the list of tasks and their status.

In this section, you can select the columns which show different information about the tasks.

This feature allows you to filter the tasks based on their features.

It shows you the guided tour.

Edit Task

This option allows you to edit the defined tasks. For example, the status of each task can be changed to “Started”, “Completed”, and “Canceled”.

Delete Task

If an employee has spent time on a task, that task cannot be deleted.

Task files

If you need to attach some files to a task, you can do it here. For managing the files which have been attached to the system, go to the “Manage Files” section.

User Assignment

You can assign the tasks to the users in this section.