Time tracking software, good or bad? Hard to say!

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using time tracking software or not

If you are looking for a time tracking software, you have read so many articles about the advantages of using such software in your company. Most of the promoters are companies that are selling this kind of software. The reality is that they are thinking about their profit and not yours. But it is not the whole story. Actually, it depends on you, the type of your company and activities and your people. We can neither issue a verdict about using timesheet tools and techniques, nor generalize any rule in management. So please avoid reading marketing texts such as 10 ways for this or 15 tools for that. You are the only one who can understand whether a tool or technique suits your business or not. So after reading this article, we will not suggest you signup on our time tracking software (teemTIME) or not. Because:

A time tracking software is good for you if:

  • You want to have a precise report of the consumed time and cost in different tasks and projects in your company so you can invoice your customers based on real information and not upon your guesses.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the less profitable and productive projects, tasks and customers. So you can use other managerial tools such as cause & effect or fishbone diagram to diagnose the cause of difficulties.
  • Find the real interests of your colleagues, not in their words but actions. So you can plan the company task assignment based on your team member interests and this provides satisfaction for your employees and efficiency and effectiveness for your company.
time tracking software

A time tracking software is bad for you if:

  • You are a cop in your workplace and you want to witness the missed hours and find wrongdoers who have wasted their time and punish them.
  • You want to blame your employees because of their low performance and ask them to be non-stop manufacturing machines.
  • You want to read or listen to different false words about fully productive employees. If you expect them to be such an employee, they will tell professional lies about it to you.
  • Productivity is not the issue of your company

So, A time tracking software, such as every other software is a tool. you can use it to provide productivity or ruin your company. It is only you who can decide about it.

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